Titel International Spiritual Exercises in the Swiss Alps
Startdatum 25.08.2019
Enddatum 01.09.2019
Startzeit 17:00
Endzeit 10:00
Form Einzelexerzitien mit Gemeinschaftselementen
Veranstaltungsort Simplonpass / Passo del Sempione (2000m)
Kursleitung Jean-Paul Hernandez SJ, Sr. Barbara Haefele sa, Andreas Schalbetter SJ
Kosten 80 - 160 Euro (je nach Möglichkeit) + Reisekosten
Informationen Andreas Schalbetter SJ
Website http://www.pietre-vive.org/2019/03/21/international-spiritual-exercises-in-the-swiss-alps/

You (young people, age: 18-35 years ) are invited to participate in the Spiritual Exercises of Living Stones / Pietre vive in the wonderful mountain region of Switzerland – on the border to Italy, at 2000 m ASL. You can discover this beautiful mountain region of Simplonpass, pray in silence in the nature and meet young people of LS from Europe.

The common language for the spiritual instructions and Eucharist will be mainly English. The spiritual guidance will take place in the following languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

Info and registration
Chiara Brena

What to bring:
Bring your own towel, tramping boots or stable shoes, sun hat, sunglasses, raincoat, bathing clothes (for a dip in the cold – there is a lake nearby), Pietre Vive Songbook (those who have it). It can get very cold and even snow at this time of the year – so also take warm clothes!

Beautiful, silent location, accessible by public travel or by car.

From Milano, Zürich or Genève: Itinerary with public transport: www.sbb.ch
Train schedules might change. There are only a few good connections per day, check online.

From Milano:
With public transportation by train from Milano over Domodossola and finally by bus to Simplonpass: travel time around 2 hrs 30 min.

From Zurich:
With public transportation by train from Zurich over Brig and finally by bus to Simplonpass: travel time around 2 hrs 50 min.

From Genève:
With public transportation by train from Genève over Lausanne, Sion to Brig and finally by bus to Simplonpass: travel time around 3 hrs 15 min.

Methodische Elemente
Zielgruppe For young people, age: 18-35 years.